If you can remember the 90's then there is a good chance you were never there. Dundee bosted top clubs such as DeStihls, Fat Sams and Coconut Grove proving the city with memorable night out. There were "All Dayers", "All Nighters" it was clubbing heaven. The dance floor was pounding to the sounds of Guru Josh, TTF, Robin S, Faithless and of course Take That, space Girls and S Club 7. The 90's saw the explosion of "Girl Power" and "Es". we were tuning in to "Friends", "The Bill" and the battle between Betamax and VHS ended but a new one stated ..... Sky Vs BSB, satellite Vs Squarial? The mobile phone started making it big, with handsets reducing in size, suddenly they were accessible to all and able to fit into your pocket, instead of being transpired in a suitcase

Did You Forget The 90's?

Were You Really There?

... This Time Remember The 90's

If the 90's were you thing then you must check out Venga, only this time around you might actually remember some of it...! Venga has all the feel of a 90's nightclub and indeed is the spiritual home of Fat Sams. Two bars and a great central dance floor dominate the room, with lasers and psychedelic flashing lights and heart pounding bass, you will soon be transported back in time. As with all 90's clubs there is limited seating in the venue (we all liked to stand back then), however there are lots of seating in the adjoining bar area, to accommodate your party or group. Get stuck into the cocktails and shots, or try out some of our retro drinks, such as Hootch, Diamond White and Taboo

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